Christmas gift ideas for how to decorate a christmas tree

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Best Christmas Ideas for Christmas Tree Decoration

Dressing up the Christmas tree is a tradition of American culture. With the rapid development of The Times, Americans have been pursuing a more appropriate and warm Christmas atmosphere. The new way of dressing up the Christmas tree in gift boxes makes the holiday more festive and peaceful.

The first step: to choose a tree of their favorite pine to take home, pine to fresh, color can not be yellow if dark green, such pine will have a light aroma

2. Led Stripe Lights: LED Lights are the most magnificent decoration to make the Christmas tree look at night. They spiral around the pine tree like strips of color, and be careful not to intertwine with the strips. Choose an LED strip to wrap around the tree.



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Step 3 Decorating Christmas Tree with LED LIGHT GIFT BOX: Distribute the led gift boxes evenly throughout the pine tree, preferably covering the tree trunk at the bottom of the tree, so that it looks more beautiful. They can be laid flat or stacked up, depending on the location and space of your Christmas tree



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The fourth step: the color strip spiral hanging on the pine tree, can not cover too dense, threaded on the line.

You can also buy the Christmas star: the Christmas star is the top of the Christmas tree decoration, it can play a role in the icing on the cake, at the end of the must pay attention to it.


Matters needing attention:
1. The arrangement of the Christmas tree should be decent and moderate in size, according to the size of the space.
2. The arrangement of the Christmas tree has an electric connection process. Be careful of electric shock during operation.