1/4’’ SAE Service Access Valve with Core & Cap Stem Remover

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Each valve has a core and a cap with valve core remover, it can be bent, cut, flared, or swaged to meet application requirements.

The core is a poppet valve assisted by a spring that is threaded into the steam.

Pravin Kumar, Operation Supervisor, Miniso India

Meet Pravin,

He is basically from Bihar, is a graduate from Veer Kunwar Singh University and has 5 years of experience in Retail Operations.
Likes Listening Classical Music and love to do photography in his free time. His principle values are Honesty and dedication to work.
As we discussed further about his journey, this is what he mentioned –

“I joined Miniso in October 2017 and was very excited to work with the Brand since I found it very colorful and creative to work in. In starting as I was new to the company, the team turned out to be very supportive and friendly and in couple of weeks I realized that I belong to a very strong and hardworking team. From there my journey started under the guidance of my seniors, got the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and trained more than 120 staff in MUMBAI, PUNE and BANGALORE. I always set a target to achieve my goal and I am very much dedicated to achieve it and I had always trained my team for the same.

In January-2019 rewarded as an Outstanding Employee of MINISO INDIA.

I am thankful to MINISO Team for giving me freedom to grow my leadership skills and help me fulfill my dream.

With time I also realized that Miniso is a very good platform to enhance your personal and professional skills, I learn something new and something interesting every other day from my seniors and from my colleagues.

With baby steps I have completed my 1years and 8 months in this organization, and not only grown as a professional but also as an individual.”